Perfect for studio owners looking to offer more variety to their students! My goal is to create an engaging, fun & informative workshop in a relaxed casual setting. I want to provide my guests with an unforgettable experience so they gain knowledge in their area of interest and confidence to share it with others.  Pay it forward... My favorite types of workshops include but are not limited too:

Food & lifestyle, self care, and creative flow.



Make and take style: DIY essential oil cleaning products, bug sprays, lotions, body, linen and mat sprays, bath and beauty products... Soooo many ideas to choose from!   If that isn't your thing, we can take in down a notch and host a meditation and essential oils class either in home or at a yoga studio. Deep guided relaxation, mindful eating, self massage,   etc... I am open to creating a personalized workshop to best suit your needs, just connect.

Food & Lifestyle


These types of workshops cover specific ways to nourish your body from the inside out!  We will do things like make fast & delicious smoothies or other recipes, learn how to sneak veggies into your picky eaters diet, learn how to balance yourself to ensure you are being the best possible version of yourself!  Also i love to incorporate essential oils into my lifestyle, i would love to show you how you can to!  Typically these workshops are hands on so you get the full benefit of knowing how to use these methods at home.

Self Care, Guided Deep Relaxation


Together we will relax the entire body bit by bit.  Through calming the nervous system & the mind, you give your body a chance to re-set and allow your natural rhythm to take over, (those things that we "forgot how to remember" come back to us in this space) think dim lights, candles, essential oil smells filling the room.   A-M-A-Z-I-N-G

This practice is so simple so that anyone can follow and will literally help you in every aspect of your daily life! Great as an addition to any workshop.

Creative Flow


There are almost limitless options when hosting this style workshop... Each class starts with a  45 minute yoga flow followed by your choice of activity.  These can be held in homes, studios, business's, etc.  We can make jewelry, paint, create vision boards, do goal setting sessions, the options are almost endless!