About Us


Our Story:

Jenny Lee & Justin Roberts grew up near each other in Dallas GA. They were reunited in 2017 and decided to collaborate their creative minds.  With Jenny’s eclectic & bohemian inspired style paired with Justin’s extensive knowledge of design & programming, they work together to create affordable home & garden decor and jewelry that is unique and customizable. The two share a great love of music and it shows in much of the art on display.  They even have a band called the Jailhouse Gypsies!

Jenny Lee has over 14 years of retail experience and left the corporate world to pursue her small business dreams.  Her mediums include but are not limited to .22 up-cycled bullet casings, essential oils, feathers, wood, metal & bone all used to create one of a kind wall art, jewelry & wears.

Justin Roberts has 20 years of experience in the sign industry and has worked with nearly every component of graphic design and programming cnc routers.

The two are happiest seeing people’s reaction to the artwork they purchase or receive as gifts. Having a quality product that is affordable & so unique is rare and being able to help provide this service is very rewarding.